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slithead's Journal

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19 April 1979
I recently moved to Chicago, after wanting to for about a decade. Previously I've lived in a crappy conservative small town, a college town, and a crappy conservative mid-sized city. Living in Chicago has made me interested in mass transit systems and urban planning, as well as given me an appreciation for traditional, pre-WWII architecture. Up until a couple of years ago I mostly just liked stark, industrial-looking modern buildings.

My condo is overrun with adorable cats. We have 5 of them: Demon, Rosalie, Tavi, Sasha, and Cricket.

I work for a large IT corporation but loathe corporate culture, and my main career goal is to find a job with a smaller, less hierarchical company, rather than rising through the corporate ranks and making more money.

I support the so-called "culture of death"- I have no moral problems with abortion, prostitution, recreational drug use, sex and violence-filled entertainment, promiscuity, etc. I don't choose to partake in all of those activities myself though. I actually score somewhat high on purity tests even though I think "purity" is kind of a dumb concept.

I've been surgically sterilized. I'm not yet convinced that the continued survival of the human species is a good thing.

Years ago I thought of myself as liberal politically, but I can't anymore due to my disgust with nanny-state laws restricting "hate speech", regulating violent videogames, banning guns, public smoking ordinances, etc. Now I identify with anarchism more than any other political ideology, though I have my doubts about the sustainibility of an anarchist society.

I hyphenated my name along with my wife when I got married, because I detest patriarchy and I didn't want my name to be a symbol of it.
akira kurosawa, alexander rodchenko, andrei tarkovsky, animal rescue, anonymity, aphex twin, atheism, atom egoyan, autechre, bastard operator from hell, battle angel alita, bdsm, beer, being unfashionable, being unpatriotic, bill hicks, blades, bloodlet, body loathing, bret easton ellis, calvin and hobbes, catharsis, cats, circuit bending, coffee, coil, cold, converge, cybernetic implants, cyberpunk, dada, david cronenberg, david lynch, designers republic, diamanda galas, digital hardcore, douglas adams, download, downsampling, dragon quest, einstuerzende neubauten, emulation, encryption, endif, eugene jarvis, final fantasy, fm synthesis, foetus, francis picabia, front 242, fumito ueda, george orwell, guns, harlan ellison, haujobb, hayao miyazaki, hideo kojima, hp lovecraft, hr giger, human occupied landfill, ignoring physical attractiveness, industrial, industrial design, interactive fiction, intolerance of stupidity, isolation from pop culture, j.g. ballard, james tiptree jr, jhonen vasquez, joy division, junji ito, kenji eno, kid606, kill memory crash, killing god, kiyoshi kurosawa, legendary pink dots, mamoru oshii, marcel duchamp, margaret bourke-white, mark driver, mass transit, matta, max ernst, mecha, megami tensei, merzbow, metroid, michael gira, mike patton, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, neurosis, new urbanism, nick cave, nitzer ebb, noise, obscenity, panacea, panzer dragoon, phantasy star, photek, photography, psychology, reiko kodama, richie hawtin, robert crumb, salvadore dali, satoshi kon, sega, self mutilation, serial killers, shinya tsukamoto, sigmund freud, skinny puppy, slave indvstries, stanley kubrick, starkweather, suicide, surrealism, survival research laboratories, swans, syd mead, sylvia plath, synthesizers, takeshi kitano, techno, tetsuya mizuguchi, tetsuya takahashi, thai cuisine, the way things work, thomas ligotti, throbbing gristle, todd solondz, tsutomu nihei, ugliness, unix, urban exploration, usamaru furuya, valkyrie profile, violence, vladislav delay, whisky, william gibson, wipeout, yasumi matsuno, yoshitaka amano, yu suzuki, yuzo koshiro

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