mark (slithead) wrote,

So it's all official now: I got the new job/promotion I applied for! Soon I will be a Technician instead of an Operator on paper (nice because the extra projects I've been doing at work for years are way beyond the Operator job description)

The position I'm transferring in to is a newly created one, providing onsite support to a newly built out cloud computing environment at the datacenter I currently work at. Benefits:

15% raise, and I stay hourly so I get paid for OT if I work it.

Flexible hours- no more having to be at work at 6:45am sharp.

Work on weekends will be rare, instead of half the year like my current job.

Much less bureaucratic BS...of course there will still be some of it because I'll still be working for a giant corporation. But the core of my job will actually be fixing stuff, rather than explaining, enforcing, and documenting processes like it is now.

Potential to work from home occasionally down the road once the environment is built out and running.

Only real downside is that I'll have to work 5 days a week- not as many full days off and more time spent commuting.
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