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duality [15 Mar 2011|09:52pm]
On a low level, one has to believe either that suffering is redemptive, or it is to be avoided at all costs. Some people will initially say that both are true, but that's really avoiding the question. Knowing that I'm in the latter category may help explain why I have problems understanding those in the former, and why I might come off as cold to them.
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Writer's Block: I'm in love with my car [09 Feb 2011|09:57pm]
If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

1984-89 Toyota MR2.
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[03 Jan 2011|08:55pm]
My sake, let me show you itCollapse )
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[26 Dec 2010|10:56pm]
"Musically, Body Talk is single-minded in its pursuit of dancefloor frenzy. Synths ripple, drums pound, massive choruses explode outward at the exact right moment. Robyn knows better than anyone else how to make efficient house-pop bangers like these; these tracks' moving parts work together in mechanistic harmony. But at its most transcendent, Body Talk also tells stories like a great country record." - Pitchfork

As much as I make fun of Pitchfork...they've summed up pretty well here why I love Robyn so much.
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[04 Nov 2010|12:21am]
I don't generally like posting pictures of myself on the interwebs, but I thought this one turned out well, so fuck it...

self-portraitCollapse )
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[03 Nov 2010|09:16pm]
"But the wings I have seen moving about are those of suspicious umbrellas under which heavy eyelids are lowered; there are people who believe they are flying, but it is already an achievement if they can get off the ground flapping their batlike overcoats.

It also happens that, if you move along Marozia's compact walls, when you least expect it, you see a crack open and a different city appear. Then, an instant later, it has already vanished. Perhaps everything lies in knowing what words to speak, what actions to perform, and in what order and rhythm; or else someone's gaze, answer, gesture is enough; it is enough for someone to do something for the sheer pleasure of doing it, and for his pleasure to become the pleasure of others: at that moment, all spaces change, all heights, distances; the city is transfigured, becomes crystalline, transparent as a dragonfly. But everything must happen as if by chance, without attaching too much importance to it, without insisting that you are performing a decisive operation, remembering clearly that any moment the old Marozia will return and solder its ceiling of stone, cobwebs, and mold over all heads."
-Italo Calvino
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[25 Oct 2010|11:20pm]
in which I abandon my cautious approach to color and go batshit with the processing Collapse )
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[11 Oct 2010|07:58pm]
OMG! Vegetables=socialism!

Of course, here outside of Teabagger Headspace, in the real world, the US government spends about $8 billion a year subsidizing pretty much anything edible that isn't a fruit or vegetable. Apparently the limited government rhetoric falls by the wayside when dirt-cheap hamburgers and Coke are at stake.
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[24 Sep 2010|04:12pm]
So it's all official now: I got the new job/promotion I applied for! Soon I will be a Technician instead of an Operator on paper (nice because the extra projects I've been doing at work for years are way beyond the Operator job description)

The position I'm transferring in to is a newly created one, providing onsite support to a newly built out cloud computing environment at the datacenter I currently work at. Benefits:

15% raise, and I stay hourly so I get paid for OT if I work it.

Flexible hours- no more having to be at work at 6:45am sharp.

Work on weekends will be rare, instead of half the year like my current job.

Much less bureaucratic BS...of course there will still be some of it because I'll still be working for a giant corporation. But the core of my job will actually be fixing stuff, rather than explaining, enforcing, and documenting processes like it is now.

Potential to work from home occasionally down the road once the environment is built out and running.

Only real downside is that I'll have to work 5 days a week- not as many full days off and more time spent commuting.
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[20 Sep 2010|03:45pm]
geekeryCollapse )
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[17 Sep 2010|01:18am]
Addendum to PAX post: found the full set of my favorite of the artists at the chiptune showcase, Zen Albatross, on Youtube. It's great stuff.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

vghoul, you especially should listen to this.
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[15 Sep 2010|11:57pm]
holy shit@tgs yukio futatsugi is back radiant silvergun on xbla steel battalion for kinect ryu ga gotoku with zombies and mecha ico and sotc in hd ninokuni!

is this how twitter is supposed to work
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[15 Sep 2010|10:25pm]
So PAX was a lot of fun. Crowds were crazy though, I heard something like 70,000 people, possibly more, attended. Way bigger than Gen Con (at least when I last went, which was 1998 IIRC)

The queue room to get into the expo hall the first day:

PAX Prime 2010Collapse )

And that was the end of PAX, and the end of the pictures from it I thought were good enough to upload. I think I'll cover other games I played there, and general thoughts about gaming from the convention, in another post. Then go through the pictures of Seattle outside the con, North Bend/Snoqualmie, and Portland.
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[15 Sep 2010|08:26am]
The developers of Heavenly Sword taking over Devil May Cry? REALLY???

Do not want. Dante looks like a fucking hipster and he fights way too slowly.
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[12 Sep 2010|11:49pm]
Weird to come back home from vacation to find that the biggest local news story of my time in Chicago happened while I was away.

Unlike just about everyone who lives here, I don't have a strong positive or negative opinion of Daley. When he has come up in conversation at work, I'm just an outsider, having lived in this city for such little time. I listen, while the people that grew up here debate back and forth about how he has always favored the connected and upper class vs. how he kept Chicago desirable as a place to live in a time when every other city with industrial roots in the Midwest suffered terrible times. If anything, him being out will mean one less person for people to blame for their problems- a good thing.

Portland was a neat place. I can understand why so many people who lived in Bloomington, IN (or from what I've read, similar college towns across the US) want to live there (other than my crackpot theory about a generation growing up playing Oregon Trail where moving there was winning the game). Tt seemed like most of its streets consisted of the kinds of places that people liked about Bloomington. Sensibly sized houses and yards. Small-scale commercial districts spread out to be within biking distance of everywhere, from what I could tell. Drivers that actually stop at crosswalks for pedestrians. If a block turns into a high-priced new construction condo development, my impression is that there's somewhere else in the area for the former residents to go.I could be talking out of my ass here because I only visited there for a few days, but it doesn't seem like a place where people feel trapped, with an enemy approaching from all sides, unlike so many other places.
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[03 Sep 2010|05:11pm]
In line now to play a demo of PORTAL 2! Also demoed Yakuza 4, made a bishounen elf in Final Fantasy XIV, and got tons of Questers Rest guests.

Edit: Portal 2 demo wasn't playable, just a presentation.
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[02 Sep 2010|10:39pm]
Seattle so far:

Overrun with nerds. Spotted a massive beholder statue on the way to a coffeehouse that turned out to be hipster central and have a broken espresso machine.

Pike Place market is even niftier than I remember it being. Got espresso and fresh donuts made by a machine called the Donut Robot Mark II.

There's a video arcade here that SERVES BEER and let's you pay to play by the HOUR rather than by the game.

More beer, and a delicious tofu burrito.

PAX begins tomorrow.
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[27 Aug 2010|11:00pm]
A fantastic photo essay about the landscapes of my childhood. It kinda goes without saying for anyone who knows my aesthetic sensibilities that I imprinted on this stuff.
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[21 Aug 2010|01:11am]
So, this is a good article. Thanks burningbooks for linking to it. So, I'm ostensibly a capitalist in my view of how things on this particular planet work rat this particular time (and ostensibly a socialist in my view of what governments should aim to do)...and from a pure market perspective I don't get it. The supply of solipsistic feel-good drivel excreted from the privileged members of American society is so high, and money is more and more increasingly hard to come by for more and more people, who actually pays for this stuff?

disclaimer: yes I know I am solipsistic and privileged, that's why I wouldn't try to charge people money to read my writing

And that article had a link to this thing called the Great American Apparel Diet, which I had never heard of before. I guess it's a movement for people to sign up to go one year without buying new clothes. For me it's kind of strange that doing that would require conscious thought, let alone actual exertion of will.

my sartorial background (for anyone reading this who doesn't know me IRL and thinks I might appear to be a normal, respectable-looking middle-class adult): my wardrobe comes from either:

-my mom at Christmas
-band tshirts I buy at shows (generally after I see a unique and memorable performance for less money that it costs to see a fucking movie these days and I don't want the musicians I love to starve
-a Shopping Spree at Target in Evansville, shortly after I got hired, and shortly before I started, my first Business Casual Required job. 2004. OMG! I needed to own more than two shirts with buttons on them (one of mine was sized for a morbidly obese person and made me look like a pirate, the other was made in the 1970s and neon green [purchased at Cactus Flower for >$10])

My one flirtation with vanity is boots. I am a total fucking snob when it comes to boots, I admit it. I would never let my mom or anyone else pick out boots for me, and I would not buy boots from a big-box chain store. The last article of clothing I bought was my pair of Corcoran model 985 boots, about 10 months ago. I love them. Solid but not clunky/stompy (not that there's anything wrong with clunky/stompy boots, of course), more lithe. Great ankle support. Recently the toe split open on the right one, so I was worried I'd have to buy a new pair. But no, they came with a 1 year guarantee- my shiny new free pair is on the way. Glad I'm the not the only one who is of the opinion that a pair of boots lasting less than a year is obviously due to a Defect and not To Be Expected. 2-3 years is the baseline to me.

I guess the point of this is that I think clothing should be more timeless, more durable, designed and made to age gracefully. I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with people being into fashion as a hobby. But there sometimes seems to be this unspoken rule that everyone is subject to its whims. Why? I dunno, which is why the Apparel Diet thing seems like a good idea to me. Kudos to them.
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Writer's Block: My Journey [09 Aug 2010|09:46pm]
If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

Berlin. I've been fascinated with that city for so long, and never been there.
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